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When handcrafting our beverages we always adhere to the spirit of Kung Fu. Our discipline and patience has allowed us to create a wholly unique brewing process. It's a ritual we follow to ensure authentic taste and consistency. By using tea leaves that are handpicked from the mountains of Taiwan, premium natural ingredients, and an unique handcrafting process, our drinks are unrivaled in quality. We make our bubbles every 2 hours, brew our tea every 3 hours, so we are proud to say each drink is made-to-order freshly on the spot. We are dedicated to providing an authentic taste in every cup!

If you ever find our customer service inadequate, we're always here to listen and make a change. We want to provide you with a different kind of tea drinking experience. An experience ensuring that you're getting more than just a drink, one that will put a smile on your face when leaving the store. The tea making process is a ritual. Kung Fu Tea Masters have spent countless hours trying different combinations and variations of milks, yogurts, and tea leaves to create the ideal drink for you, and we want to apply the same standard in our services. Our discipline is to make our customers happy, always!

Whether you’re visiting our first store or our hundredth store, a store in New York or a store in Seattle, you’ll find that our flavor is always consistent. More so, you’ll find that our Kung Fu spirit will never waver. That's because our stores create a cosy atmosphere for relaxing and making you feel like part of a community. At certain locations, we offer seating for you to hangout and socialize, or even play some boardgames to take your mind off troubles and destress from the world. Whether you just want to pick up a drink before class or hang out with co-workers after a long day, or have a fun date; we are always there for you. Our community members embody the same fearless Kung Fu spirit we possess. It’s because of this that we strive to make our stores inviting, fun, and bold, like the drinks we serve.