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We adhere to the spirit of Kung Fu with every handcrafted beverage. Our discipline and patience has allowed us to create a first-rate brewing process. We have committed to this ritual to guarantee an authentic taste.

By using tea leaves handpicked from the high mountains of Taiwan, premium ingredients, and sticking to our unique drink-making process, we’re able to offer unrivaled bubble tea despite the increase in bubble tea shops.

Our tea is freshly brewed every 3 hours and bubbles cooked every 2 hours.

If you are ever unsatisfied with our customer service, we are always ready to listen, address, and improve. We want to present the kind of tea drinking experience where both the drink and service leave a smile on your face. Kung Fu Masters have spent countless hours developing the ideal drink for you — we strive to dedicate the same devotion to the customer experience at our stores.

Consistency in flavor, quality, and in-store experience across all locations is extremely important to us. You will find that the Kung Fu spirit does not waver. We make sure that our stores create a cozy atmosphere for you to relax and feel as though you are a part of our community. At a few locations, we offer seating for you to hangout, socialize, or play board games to rid your mind of troubles. Want to pick up a drink before class or hangout with co-workers after a long day? Go on a fun date? We are here for you!

We have built a community and space that embodies the fun, fearless Kung Fu spirit of our brand.