Principle 1: Fresh

At Kung Fu Tea, every beverage is made-to-order with real Kung Fu. We’ve innovated a first-rate brewing and cooking process as a result of our dedication to making and delivering fresh, delicious, high-quality beverages. Our tea is freshly brewed every 3 hours and standard bubbles cooked every 2 hours. Our Punch bestsellers Orange Green Tea and Strawberry Lemonade are made with freshly squeezed juices.

The use of real tea leaves — handpicked from the high mountains of Taiwan — and fresh ingredients, coupled with our unique recipes and methods, makes it possible for us to deliver unrivaled beverages in spite of rising competition.

“Bubbles are the perfect texture and taste. None compare.”


Principle 2: Innovative

Product Integrations

For our first made-to-order energy drink: ‘Blue Island Punch,’ we used 3D Energy’s low-calorie, sugar-free beverages.

Product Collaborations

iPhone-Rewards (1)

To interact with all the gamers in our community, we partnered with HOnkai, ArenaNet, and Square Enix to provide the ultimate drinking and gaming experiences. We collaborated on limited-edition beverages and hosted sweepstakes to give away game copies, custom-wrapped consoles, and DLCs.

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In celebration of National Bubble Tea Day, we partnered up with Opening Ceremony to launch an exclusive capsule inspired by the classic Taiwanese beverage and the FEARLESS (無畏) motto shared by both brands.

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The Kung Fu Tea App Rewards Program

When we say we’re “innovative,” we aren’t simply referring to our products and collaborations. We’re constantly keeping up with the latest trends and brainstorming creative and convenient ways to serve our beverages while allowing you to earn rewards for your purchases.

With the Kung Fu Tea app, you can pay with the simple scan of a QR code and earn bubbles that can be redeemed for free drinks! You’ll even reach higher belt levels as you earn more bubbles with every visit. Once you hit Black Belt, you’ll get a free limited edition gift set in addition to all the rewards from lower belt levels. We’ve also recently added a Social Rewards feature that rewards you for sharing your Kung Fu Tea experience with us on social media!

On top of contactless in-store payments, you can now use the Order Ahead feature to order and pay for your beverages ahead of time to skip long lines. Just place your order through the app and head over to your local Kung Fu Tea to pick up your drinks!

Principle 3: Fearless

Despite the competition, we’ve come a long way through our fresh and innovative efforts to elevate the niche world of made-to-order beverages like bubble tea. It’s our dream to make boba more accessible to everyone. In order to make that dream come true, we’ll stay fresh, innovative, and fearless as we continue to challenge the face of the beverage industry.