Free Standard Topping On your first order


Step 1: Download The App

Search for the “Kung Fu Tea App” in the Apple App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android). Download and launch! 

Step 3: Link payment (In order to pay with the app, you’ll need to link a valid debit/credit card.)

Step 2: Create an Account

Click “Get Started” and enter an email address & information.

Step 4: Visit & Order!

*Turn on Location Services on your device and the closest locations ready to take the app will be listed under Locations!*



Loyalty Program

Earn free drinks & more with every purchase. Every $1 spent = 2 bubbles.

Tiered Rewards

All app users start at the white belt level when they first download the app. with every purchase, you’ll gain more bubbles to reach a higher belt level!


With the Kung Fu Tea app you can send your friends and family Digital Drink Gift Cards straight from your phone. Just make sure you have a valid debit or credit card account linked to the app before you send out a gift card! $10 minimum required for all digital drink gift cards. The recipient must also have a Kung Fu Tea app account to redeem the gift card.

KFT App v2 Faqs

We’ve introduced the Reward Store where you can exchange your Bubble for rewards of your choice in the Kung Fu Tea app. Additionally, your rewards can now be redeemed at the point of sale too! Just make sure to log in with your email/phone number/account number attached to your Kung Fu Tea app account for seamless transactions. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience!

We’ve switched our loyalty provider and given our loyalty program a fantastic makeover with a fresh app update, bringing you thrilling rewards and features. Your login refresh is your gateway to an enhanced experience, now with added security enhancements! Thank you for being a part of our secure and rewarding loyalty program!

Verifying your email address is a necessary step to enhance your account’s security and functionality. It’s part of our commitment to providing you with a safer and more seamless experience. Without email verification, you won’t be able to add your credit card or make transactions, ensuring that your financial information remains protected. Thank you for helping us prioritize your security and convenience!

With our switch to a new loyalty provider, we’re introducing a fresh start. We prioritize your security, and that’s why we do not store credit card information. To unlock the full potential of our upgraded loyalty program, you’ll need to re-add your credit card details. Embrace the new and improved experience!

Your previous Bubble progress has been converted into Bubble points, which you can use in the Reward Store to exchange for exciting rewards. Enjoy the benefits of your past efforts!

Absolutely! Your previous Belt Level is retained with the same status, allowing you to level up as before even after the app updates. What’s even more exciting is that with our new Belt Reward program, you can earn bonus points based on your Belt Level. Depending on your Belt Level, you can earn up to 2.5 times the points you used to, making your loyalty journey with us even more rewarding and enjoyable. We appreciate your continued loyalty and look forward to seeing you reach new heights in our program!

Absolutely! You can continue to use the “Scan to Pay” feature with your Kung Fu Tea app when you’re in the store. However, we kindly request that you log in to your account at the cashier before scanning to ensure that you receive reward points for your purchase. To make your experience more efficient, we recommend placing your order in advance using our app. This way, you can skip the line and have your order ready when you arrive.

Yes, we’ve upgraded our Belt Level Reward with a Bubble point boost. Different tiers now offer bonus points and other point boosts, allowing for quicker progress and more rewards to spend at the Reward Store. Enjoy the enhanced benefits!

We’ve completely revamped the way you send digital gift cards. Now, recipients receive the chosen style or skin in their email, which can be redeemed both in the app and in-store, making them feel cherished and valued. Enjoy the customized experience and flexibility!

You’ll now find the “available reward” tag in our app menu when you exchange your Bubble points for an eligible reward. This tag indicates that the reward is ready for you. Simply add a product with this tag, and the discount will be automatically applied during checkout. This new feature offers added convenience, making it easier for you to enjoy your rewards seamlessly.