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How to Start Using The App

Step 1: Download The App

Search for the “Kung Fu Tea App” in the Apple App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android). Download and launch! 

Step 3: Link Payment Method

If users want to pay using the app, they will need to add a valid debit or credit card. 

Step 2: Create an Account

Click “Get Started” and enter an email address. Enter your information. Existing accounts will only ask for a password. 

Step 4: Visit and Order

Turn on Location Services in your device and the closest locations ready to take the app will be listed in the Locations tab! 

What is the Kung Fu Tea App?

Loyalty Program

Earn free drinks by visit the store more. Users just need to use the app to track their loyalty progress towards new status levels.

Payment Method

Simply add a valid debit/credit card. We’ll process the purchase to the tied payment source and you’ll get an emailed receipt.

Source of Exclusive Content

The app has exclusive promotions just for app users. It also includes some exciting new features like a locations list of all participating stores. 

FAQ about the APP

Can the loyalty program be used by guests without smartphones?

Users who do not use the app are not eligible for the loyalty program and app rewards. This includes promotional credits that require the app to be used for redemption.

Where can the app be used?

The Kung Fu Tea app can be used at all locations.

I don’t remember my password and need to reset it.

In the Get Started screen of the app, enter your username. Then in the next page, click Forgot Password. When you’ve received the password reset email, click the link and follow the instructions to change your password. Please be advised that the link is only valid for 30 minutes. 

I have already made a few visits using the App. But why doesn’t it track my visits on the App?

Your first 12 visits are to unlock the loyalty program. On your 13th visit, you will start under the Yellow Belt level and your visits will be tracked from thereon.

How many belt levels does the App have and how do I unlock them?

Look under the ‘Rewards’ tab and swipe all the way to the right for more information on unlocking new belt levels.

How long do I have to become a Yellow/Red/Black belt?

You will have 180 days to earn a status, and then you will have 180 days to keep your status.

Do I lose visit(s) if I drop to a different belt?

You will not lose accrued visits for the stamp card, but you will lose visits on loyalty, as only visits made in the previous 180 days will be counted for status level progress.

How do I redeem my birthday drink reward?

Customers must have an account already created at least 3 days before their birthday, in order to receive their birthday rewards credits. The credits will be automatically added to their account if eligible. If the customer did not create their account 3 days prior to their birthday, then please have them contact: / 855-538-3542 for assistance.

What is the expiration period for reward(s)?

1 Free Drink Every 12 Visits – (2558 Days)

Refer A Friend – (30 Days)

Birthday Drink – (30 Days)

I referred several friends and they got their sign up credit, but why isn't my referral credit showing up?

Check out the rules specified in the "INVITE YOUR FRIENDS" section. Your friends need to spend more than the reward credit amount for you to get the referral credit. 


How safe is the app?

Our APP is developed by Levelup, their internal security team works day in and day out to ensure that the app isn’t just the smartest way to pay, it’s also the safest way to pay. Our App is 100% compliant to PCI regulations, rules and recommendations. All sensitive data is encrypted in our secure servers, however, your credit and debit card data is never stored in the LevelUp system. Your QR code is a randomly generated token, meaning that it does not contain any sensitive information and can be reset at any time. We also support a Pin Lock feature which allows you to enter a pin lock code to fully open your app for payment.

Which card gets charged when a user's bundle closes?

The card selected as the default (in the Settings page of the app) is charged when a statement has closed. Users cannot choose specified cards to be charged for individual purchases when under Monthly Billing. We recommend creating different accounts if specific purchases must be charged to a different card (best for business/corporate cards).

How will LevelUp-related charges appear in a user’s card statements?

All charges from the app/LevelUp will be prefixed with “LevelUp*KungFuTea”. Description lines without this prefix are likely to be a credit/debit card purchase outside of the app.

Am I able to download statements?

At this time, users are not able to download statements, but you will receive emails of your statements which can be filtered for easy searching in your email platform. Users can also go to Settings > Transaction History to see all 


Transactions and Refunds

How do users know if they have available credit to use toward their purchase?

The Rewards page of the app will indicate the user’s available credits at the top of the page. It will also show their loyalty progress and their loyalty status, if available. Also, rewards are automatically applied to your next transaction. Hooray!

How will refunds appear in the user’s bank statement?

If the transaction is refunded before a user’s monthly bundle closes, the transaction will be omitted from their bundle balance.

If the transaction is refunded after the bundle closes, you will see a refund transfer to the charged card within 7 days.