Frequently asked questions

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How fresh is my tea and bubbles?

Our tea is freshly brewed every 3 hours and standard bubbles cooked every 2 hours. Additionally, our Punch bestsellers Orange Green Tea and Strawberry Lemonade are made with freshly squeezed juices.

Where do you source your tea from?

The use of real tea leaves — handpicked from the high mountains of Taiwan — and fresh ingredients, coupled with our unique recipes and methods, makes it possible for us to deliver unrivaled beverages in spite of rising competition. All Kung Fu Teas are required to use the same high quality products for every ingredient of our beverages, so you can count on the same great quality at any of our locations.

Difference between Wow Bubbles & Honey Bubbles

We use brown sugar to cook our wow bubble until it reaches caramelized, compared to our regular bubble it gives off a more toasty taste and softer yet chewy texture. For our regular bubble we use honey to marinate, it’s more chewy and the honey sweet pairs well with any of our drinks on the menu from fruity to creamy

Where can I find nutritional information?

Nutritional informations like calories, ingredient list and allergen guide can be found on our website under nutrition :

What is the difference between Black, Green, Oolong and Thai teas?

Our black tea is Earl Gray Black Tea which gives a citrusy flavor, Jasmine Green Tea gives a hint of floral flavor , Oolong Tea is roasted so it gives us a toasty taste and our Thai Tea has no artificial coloring added. The tea description is also available on our website under nutrition.

How fresh is the tea I’m drinking?

The teas are freshly prepared every 3 hours.

Does Kung Fu Tea offer plant-based milk?

We are currently testing non-dairy alternative markets in the Atlanta and Boston area. Should you happen to visit any of these locations, please feel free to request these drinks. It is a work in progress on our end, but we soon intend to expand our product line up in the future. Please allow us some time to get this right for our customers such as yourself.

Is your milk creamer dairy free?

Our milk powder is NOT dairy free due to casines sodium that is included in the ingredient.

Do you have decaf tea or caffeine free options?

The 4 selections of our tea including Black, Green, Oolong, and Thai tea are all caffeinated, but we do have a list of options you can choose from for caffeine-free! Please review our list of caffeine-free options here, the Allergen Guide is also available on our website under nutrient.

If i don’t choose my sugar level, which sugar level will I be getting on my drink?

If you didn’t choose a sugar level during your order, your drink will be prepared in 100% sweetness.

Why is my taro milk tea not purple?

Our tea base affects the color of the tea, if you choose taro milk tea which comes in earl gray black tea and the tea will add a darker shade to the color. If you choose taro milk green tea or taro slush it will appear as brighter purple.

Is your Coconut Milk Tea/Almond Milk Tea made with coconut/almond milk?

Our coconut milk tea and almond milk tea are coconut/almond flavored milk tea. They are made with our milk creamer, it is not made with coconut or almond milk.

I have concerns related to the current COVID 19 Pandemic

Kung Fu Tea takes it’s sanitary and hygienic practices seriously, especially during this unprecedented public health crisis. Since the start of the pandemic, Kung Fu Tea has reinforced it’s sanitary procedures, as well as issued new guidelines to all stores outlining new practices to prevent the spread. All franchisees are mandated to follow local municipal, state and federal guidelines and are encouraged by corporate to have all employees wear masks at all times.

Are you open?

Contact or check with your local Kung Fu Tea location/franchise for hours and availability

Are you hiring?

Thank you for your interest in joining the team at Kung Fu Tea! If you’re interested in working at a local Kung Fu Tea location, please head over to our Locations and contact the store or stop by in-person to inquire about open positions. If you’re interested in working at our corporate office in NYC, please visit this page to discover open positions! Once again, thank you for your interest! *Please note: We’re a fast-paced company and the store or shift managers often manage store-level recruitment.

Does your location have X drink/flavor available?

Contact or check with your local Kung Fu Tea location/franchise for hours and availability.

I ordered on Order Ahead but the location was closed

All of our locations are mandated to regularly update their hours of operation, and turn off mobile ordering when their shop is closed for holiday observations . If you ordered from a location only to find it closed, first please reach out to your local store where you placed your order, so our partners can provide you a refund. If you haven’t heard back within 5 days, we invite you to contact us HERE

My order was incorrect

Kung Fu Tea staff are all trained to ensure that your order is made as accurately and timely as possible. When ordering, take a moment to check your order accuracy on the customer-facing iPad screen to ensure you and your cashier are on the same page. If the order still comes out incorrectly, please notify the staff and they’ll make it right!.

My mobile order was sent to the wrong location!

When ordering ahead via our app, always be sure to double check where the order is being sent before you checkout. The app will automatically connect you with the nearest Kung Fu Tea location – not necessarily the one you visit most frequently. If you do place an order at the incorrect location and are looking for a refund, please contact the store directly with the contact information as appears on your receipt.

Why is my order time taking longer than usual?

Kung Fu Tea runs on a strict and dependable dynamic among it’s team members to ensure that your drink is prepared as accurately and quickly as possible. If your experience did not quite reflect those standards, please let your store team leader know and they’ll be happy to assist you.

I placed an online order but when I get there the store is closed.

All of our locations are mandated to regularly update their hours of operation, and turn off mobile ordering when their shop is closed for holiday observations . If you ordered from a location only to find it closed, first please reach out to your local store where you placed your order, so our partners can provide you a refund. If you haven’t heard back within 5 days, we invite you to contact us at HERE

I was double charged on a recent order

If you were double charged on a recent app-based order, write to us HERE with your Order ID and we’ll refund one of the charges to you.

My app charged me a $25 auto-reload, but I didn’t want that

When you change your payment preference to preload/reload, you’ll load money onto your account immediately. Your purchases will then be paid for out of that preloaded balance. When your preloaded balance falls below the preload minimum threshold, more money will be reloaded for you automatically. If you’d like to change that reload setting, please head into your app settings and tap the option to manage your card or payment method. Tap change payment method and select away from the preload/reload option. This will stop further reloads. Need a refund on that reload amount? Please contact us HERE and we will be happy to assist you with this refund! Please note that we are only able to refund your balance to your original payment method. No refunds can be processed to a different card.

I made a purchase without my app; can I still receive credit?

Good question–please email a copy of your receipt and a brief description of what prevented you from using your app (does the store need our help?) To our support team HERE; we’ll do our best to make sure nothing gets in your way next time

I couldn’t make a purchase with my app because the scanner was not working.

Only app based purchases are eligible for rewards points, but if you find that a Kung Fu Tea location does not have a functional scanner, please reach out to us HERE form and let us know so we can get them back online.”

How do I earn a reward?

Most rewards are unlocked automatically and added to your account on your behalf. If you receive an email about a reward, make sure to read through it to see if you need to claim your reward onto your account! You’ll always be able to see your available rewards within your app as well.

How do I earn rewards or credits faster?

Great question! With the latest rewards structure you begin earning bubbles immediately after your 1st purchase to earn free drinks. Also, by making use of social rewards and connecting with us on social media, you can show off your drink and win rewards instantly!

How do social rewards work?

Kung fu tea social rewards are available to all app users who connect their social media accounts via the app. If you use instagram, facebook, and/or twitter, you can win instant rewards by posting a photo of your experience at kung fu tea using specific hashtags. Rewards include free drink credit, bubbles, and more! At the moment, we’re currently rewarding new users 20 app loyalty bubbles towards their next purchase just for connecting a social media account! To connect and view social rewards, please go to the main menu of the app (top left corner) and select “social rewards”.

I just got the email about becoming a Black Belt, how do I redeem a reward?

Congratulations on becoming a black belt! Please contact if you have any issues redeeming your reward.

Where can I see my progress?

Head to your rewards tab to review your progress towards your next reward!

How long can I maintain my status level?/Why was my belt downgraded?

After achieving your belt level, you have 365 days to either maintain or upgrade it by earning enough bubbles. If not, your belt level may be downgraded.

I referred a friend and they made a purchase, but I didn’t see my reward?

Your friend must redeem the free drink ($4) and spend double that amount ($8) in order for you to receive credit for the referral. Referral amounts vary according to belt levels.

Where can I see my available rewards?

Your available rewards will be listed on your rewards tab. Please review any emails you receive regarding rewards if you have any questions on eligibility or availability, or if you do not see it in your rewards tab.

Help! The app said I unlocked a loyalty reward but it didn’t apply to my order.

Loyalty rewards apply to the next transaction you make after the one on which it is unlocked. Loyalty rewards are not earned and redeemed towards the same transaction.

Help! I received an email about a reward but don’t see it in my app

The email you received may have a button to click to add the reward to your account. Otherwise, your reward may only be redeemable during a certain time of day (for example, breakfast or dinner). If that’s the case, the reward will only be visible during the times you are able to redeem it.

What is an opt-in app campaign? Why did my app reward not show up?

In order to receive an opt-in campaign reward, you must be a Kung Fu Tea app user to receive an email about the app promotion (i.e. FREE TOPPING, $1 OFF, 10% OFF, ETC). The email will have a button you must click to opt-in to the campaign for the reward. Once clicked, you will be prompted to either enter your app email or simply be notified that you claimed the campaign. Proceed to pay with the app in order to redeem your reward from the opt-in email. Please note any limitations or deadlines stated in the email.
Can I use multiple rewards at once?

Unless otherwise noted in promotional materials, more than one reward cannot be used at once. Please be sure to review your rewards section of your Kung Fu Tea app to see which reward is toggled on. The applicable reward closest to expiration will automatically be toggled on, so please adjust accordingly.

I tried using a reward but it still didn’t apply. What can I do?

If you tried using a reward and it did not apply, please be sure that it was not conflicting with another reward as only one can be used at a time. If that isn’t the case, please reach out to us by visiting our contact page and we’ll investigate a little bit further.

I have two rewards that are about to expire, can I use them both?

You can only use one reward at a time, and unfortunately we cannot extend the expiration date of individual rewards. Be sure to keep an eye on the expiration dates of your rewards and use them accordingly.

There are two Kung Fu Tea gift cards, what’s the difference?

Kung Fu Tea currently offers two gift cards. One is available for purchase on our website,, and is only valid for merchandise items available on our online store. If you’re looking for a gift card that can be used for in-store purchases, those are only available on our Kung Fu Tea app. Go ahead and visit our Kung Fu Tea app, click the menu icon on the upper left hand corner and open Send a Digital Giftcard. You’ll be directed to provide the name, email and a message to the recipient.

I sent a Kung Fu Tea gift card to the wrong email!

Did you happen to entered the incorrect email address? If you’ve entered the right one and it still hasn’t arrived? No need to worry! Shoot us an email HERE and we’ll help you get your gift back on track.

How can I contact support for issues related to in-app deliveries?

If you encounter any issues with in-app deliveries, the approach to contacting support depends on the delivery service used for your order.

  • For DoorDash deliveries, please reach out to DoorDash support at (855) 973-1040. When calling, be ready to provide your phone number associated with the order for faster assistance.
  • For UberEats deliveries, you can contact UberEats support at (866) 987-3750. When calling UberEats, make sure to refer to the UberEats order ID, which can be found on the order tracking page.

These contact numbers are dedicated to addressing any concerns or issues you may have with your in-app delivery experience.

Can I check the status of my delivery?

[On desktop]

Yes, there are live updates for every order. To check the status of your order, tap the banner at the bottom of the site to pull up delivery tracking. To make sure you can track your order until it arrives, we recommend not switching your browser or logging out.

[On mobile]

To check the status of your order, tap the icon in the top left corner of your phone and select the banner at the bottom of the settings menu to track your order. To make sure you can track your order until it arrives, we recommend not switching your browser or logging out.

Are there specific delivery hours?

Delivery hours vary by location. On the locations map page, you can click on each location to see their store hours. If delivery hours aren’t specifically listed, you can call the store to confirm their delivery hours.

Why is an item not available for delivery at my location?

Menu item availability can vary by location.

Can I order delivery now for a later time?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to place a delivery order for a later date. You can only place an order for a later time on the same day, within your store’s operating hours.

Can I switch my pickup order to delivery?

Unfortunately, changes cannot be made to an order after it has been placed. Please contact the Grubhub Care team at (888) 841-1789 to cancel your order if you are unable to pick it up.

What if I never receive my order?

If you do not receive your order for whatever reason, please give us a call at (888) 841-1789 or reach out to us HERE.

Can I change or cancel my order if it’s already on its way?

Once your food is on its way to you, it may not be possible to make any changes or cancel your order. You may also reach out to us HERE, but be aware that phone calls will provide you with a faster resolution.

Can I remove a tip from an order?

Tips cannot be removed after the fact. If you have further concerns, please contact Grubhub Care at (888) 841-1789.

I forgot to add a tip! Can I tip after the order has been placed?

A tip cannot be added to an order after it has already been submitted. Please consider tipping your delivery driver in cash when they arrive with your food. Thank you for your generosity!

Can I change my delivery order to pickup instead?

It may be possible to make changes for a short period after placing the order and before your driver collects your meal. Please contact support to request any adjustments during this time.