Frequently asked questions

We are upgrading our reward program by taking it to Web3.0 so that our app users can transfer their reward status to others in a decentralized manner.
Non Fungible Token technology will provide our customers with the opportunity to transfer their reward benefits to others (friends, family or strangers) for free or a price of their choosing so they can benefit from Kung Fu Tea rewards and various discounts.

NFTs are generated locally on a computer. They are basically unique PNG/JPG files. This step will consume as much energy as rendering a video to make it upload ready for Youtube. Uploading them into the Solana blockchain is done by a process called minting. Each minting on the Solana blockchain requires one transaction and every transaction consumes 1,837 J. That’s a bit more energy consumed for a simple Google search. It’s worth mentioning that the Solana blockchain has been completely Carbon neutral since 2021.

NFTs are essentially a way to transform a digital good that can be endlessly copied into something one of a kind. As with other emerging technologies, there is both good and bad within the ecosystem. NFT’s with intrinsic value and utility related to an underlying business are definitely not a scam because they offer continuous and lifetime tangible value in the real world to their owners. This is exactly what we are offering to our Kung Fu Tea community.

Our Kung Fu Tea community is our target audience because they are redeeming rewards from our app on a daily basis and benefit from various offerings and discounts. Each NFT comes with some kind of utility for their owners in the form of rewards, discounts, exclusive access to limited edition Merch, etc.
Our existing rewards program in our app is user unique. Meaning users cannot transfer their rewards to others. With our NFT project, our app users can transfer their rewards to others either for free or a price if they desire to do so. More importantly they can do this on the blockchain in a decentralized manner without any intervention. This means rewards cannot be manipulated in any way or form by anyone including Kung Fu tea itself.
The fighting Boba Club NFTea project does not generate income for Kung Fu Tea. On the contrary it is costing us money! Let us explain: Since our NFT’s have intrinsic value and are utility tokens, they generate value for their owners on a daily, weekly and monthly basis depending on their rarity and attributes. The average annual reward value for our NFTs is $80 per year and as long as owners own their NFTs, they will continuously benefit from these utilities. The cost of these NFTs are also around $80 = 1 SOL. This simply means that as an owner, the return on your investment is approximately one year. After one year, if you hold your NFT, all you get is continuous rewards and discounts.
The Metadata related to Fighting Boba Club NFTs are unique to this collection and are easily verifiable. Moreover they will live through an SDK in our mobile app. Since these are NFTs with utility and are very different from other projects out there, it makes it useless for scammers to counterfeit this collection.

Although Crypto currencies and NFTs are not fully regulated yet, there are some important regulations in place here in the United States. Moreover, there are ongoing efforts to further regulate the space by the government as of this moment but most importantly Kung Fu Tea is putting its brand and reputation behind this project to ensure the prevention of any misuse or unlawful act.