Brand Ambassador Spotlight: Gibson


Kung Fu Tea: What do you love most about gaming? What do you dislike about it?

Gibson: I love gaming because it's a place to escape from the real world. When I'm stressed out or having a rough day I can find a game to play to distract me or a good group of friends to just forget all my stress with. I've met so many wonderful people through gaming, some that started as fans and became great friends of mine. I guess what I dislike about gaming though is some days it's hit or miss. I play a lot of battle royale games meaning last man standing wins. Some days I'm on top of my game and other days I have the worst luck in the world which can sometimes put me in a worse mood than where I started.

Kung Fu Tea: How many hours do you spend streaming video games?

G:  I spend anywhere from 2-8 hours a day streaming. I do a lot of gaming streams but i also incorporate my music into my streaming and YouTube videos! It all depends on how the streams go, how interactive the chat is and the mood I'm in. As an entertainer, you kinda play off the mood of the crowd so if the crowd is happy and active then so am I!

Kung Fu Tea: You can live without ___________.

G: Energy drinks. I used to be addicted, it kinda came hand in hand with the gaming life. Staying up late and pounding energy drink after energy drink. It was a bit healthy and I needed a better alternative to replace it.

Kung Fu Tea: You can't live without ___________.

G: Boba. It's become my new addiction. Much healthier and it gets me out of the house a lot more. It's become my daily routine to the point where they already have my order ready on the screen before I enter the building because they recognize my car and I get the same order most days.

Kung Fu Tea: Show us your best tweets!

G: Two of my favorites that pretty much sum me up.

Kung Fu Tea: What’s your horoscope sign? What signs are you most compatible with?

G: Virgo! I'm not quite sure which signs I'm compatible with but I get along easily with most people. As long as you enjoy boba and music, we can be friends!

Kung Fu Tea: What flavors or toppings do you always order? What foods do you usually pair your drinks with?

G: My go to is a Peach Oolong Tea and a Strawberry Lemonade, no toppings. Or an Italian Mocha with Double Oreo! Unfortunately my KFT location doesn't have food offered, but you can never go wrong with pizza or sushi! (:

Kung Fu Tea: Milk first or cereal first? Kung Fu Milk Tea or Oreo Milk Tea?

G: Omg cereal first! No question! And Oreo milk tea is the way to go!

Kung Fu Tea: If you could add a new flavor or topping to our menu, what would it be?

G: When I started drinking boba the local place I went to had a peach slush and it was amazing. I would love to see a Peach Slush on the menu as well as turning the Strawberry Lemonade into a slush!

Kung Fu Tea: What message/advice do you want to share with all Kung Fu Masters out there?

G: Don't give up on your dreams. Sounds cliche but it's true. The second I stopped doubting myself and selling myself short, I noticed a change in my overall mood and success. Shoot for the goals you believe you deserve. Don't let anyone tell you your dreams are silly or unachievable. Life is short, do what makes you happy and drink as much boba as you can!