Brand Ambassador Spotlight: Shiyi


Who’s Brand Ambassador of the Month? @smexyshadow’s Shiyi Liu, whose stylish photos have appeared many times under the #KungFuTea tag. In her latest article, The Taste of Kung Fu Tea, she reveals a favorite drink from five different categories (milk tea to slushes). She took the time to explain and photograph each one, so we took the time to interview her. Also, who knew bubble tea—of all things—would be such a great fashion accessory?

Kung Fu Tea: When did you first discover bubble tea? In five words or less, how would you describe bubble tea?

Shiyi: I had my very first bubble tea when I was 17-year-old, which the first year I moved to America from China. If I can use any word to describe bubble tea that would be “satisfying,” “refreshing,” and “rich.”

Kung Fu Tea: How did you prepare for the Taste of Kung Fu Tea photoshoot? Were your outfits spontaneous or chosen based on the colors of the drinks you featured in the article?

S: Before I started my photoshoot with KF tea, I went over the whole menu on the app, and read the descriptions of all the drinks. Then I picked 6 different types of drink. Each one had their own topping so I can cover most of the stuff. When I decided what flavor with which topping I wanted to combine for each type of drink, I would choose my outfit base on the vibe and theme I want to represent. For example, for the Oolong Tea, since I wanted to highlight the low calories of the drink, then gym wear is a very good choice indicating the healthy lifestyle vibe.

Kung Fu Tea: What was the process like in choosing the background for each photo? How much time did you spend?

S: As what I said, it was all about the vibe. When I decided what kind of theme I want to do, I would know what background I need. Then I had to figure out where the closest place from my office. I have a full-time job in Midtown Manhattan, and I must do my photo shoot during my lunch break, which is only an hour, so I usually make the decision before my lunchtime. My coworker/friend Stephanie (@trixandthecity), who also loves fashion blogging, helped me with the entire photo shoot. I would not be able complete the blog without her help. I did 3 outfits per week, so I would get some time to edit photos between each photo shoot.

Kung Fu Tea: If someone told you that they’re hesitant to try bubble tea, how would you persuade them to give it a shot?

S: If someone is hesitant to try bubble tea, I would tell him/her the bubble tea concept is similar to English tea but has more interesting combinations. I would also explain the way of ordering a bubble tea. Like how they can ask for a certain level of sweet, or add certain types of toppings. I think everyone would love to take control of their own drinks!

Photo Credit: Shiyi Liu

Photo Credit: Shiyi Liu