Brand Ambassador Spotlight: Stephanie & Angela (Pt. 2)

Here is the newly dropped video and Part 2 of our interview with our Brand Ambassadors Stephanie & Angela!  If you didn't read part one read that first here and then come back. Enjoy!  

Kung Fu Tea: What part did you have in the creation of the video?

Stephanie: I am the production manager for the video so that basically means I make sure the production moves as smoothly as possible and we complete the project.

Angela: I was production assistant on the project, so I helped with a lot of the pre-production and production. During pre-production, I helped in setting up and organizing props. This ranged from conducting Walmart trips, to accounting for wardrobe, to figuring out which KFT drinks would be best. I was also part of location scouting. During production, I was mainly a runner placing props, holding cameras, setting up Jenga shots, etc. I also doubled as an actor enjoying delicious KFT. Post-Production, I assisted in marketing our video and sharing it to as many bubble tea and KFT enthusiasts out there along side Steph.

K: How did you come up with the idea for the video?  Why did you choose Kung Fu Tea?

S: Joey Min aka ‘Director Senpai’ was the curator of the idea. He is pretty much a bank of ingenious and creative ideas. Literally can make a video for anything! We chose Kung Fu Tea because we loved the drinks and the fact that a new location popped up about 15 minutes from us was just the best day ever! The closest location from us prior to the opening was about 45 minutes so you can only understand the excitement when we heard of the new location.

We thought that our group would be a great representative for Kung Fu Tea and decided to make a video that is very much attuned to our style. Our channel creates original feel-good action comedy content so why not use that and highlight something we really like!

A: Steph (our “mom”/business side 1), Joey (Director Senpai/our creative genius) and myself (Intern/business side 2) were at Kung Fu Tea enjoying some bubble tea trying to brainstorm. We were thinking about some potential “Gun vs Tin” sketches and other possible “anime in real life” type of shorts. It was not until we started messing around with the Jenga blocks that Joey had that crazed-genius look after stating something along the lines of, “ What if Kung Fu Masters played Jenga?” After a few quick swipes at the tower mimicking quick chops and slices, his eyes lit up, and he turned to us. After letting Joey work through the idea more thoroughly, and laughing about it, we mobilized quickly trying to solidify the concept and begin production.

Like I mentioned above, we all love KFT! The idea was fun to work on, and we wanted to share our enthusiasm for KFT. We felt as a group we could bring a different humor and uniqueness to a cool brand. Making videos like this is exciting and fun! It does take a lot of work and planning, but in the end we laugh and smile about our projects and want to share that experience with others.

K: Favorite part about filming? Any funny behind the scenes stories?

S: There was a lot of planning that went into the video prior to production. We had to gather wardrobe and get the props and pick up the Kung Fu Tea of course! The day we filmed was actually a very cold day in the middle of winter so we were literally shaking during shots. Can’t even tell, huh? Plus the Jenga was just funny to set up as the wind just kept blowing it over so we had to create a human wall… Didn’t really work. But we got what we needed and finished the project!

A: I think the best part about filming is seeing the idea become a reality. Watching Joey edit all the footage after shooting and storyboarding the idea brings a deeper appreciation for the work behind a quality video. For example, the epic Jenga move in the video is a prime example of an idea turned into a reality.

The last shot for the KFT video we made required A LOT of setup. At the same time, it was also FREEZING cold. Four of us had to setup and reset the Jenga blocks each time and you could imagine how difficult it was to stack Jenga blocks with nearly frost bit fingers on an unleveled surface in an unstable arrangement. It took many tries, especially for the final trick move. Once we finally got it, it was a wrap, and we celebrated with a well deserved knockdown of the remaining Jenga blocks to clean up and warm up in the car. Honestly, we thought the shot wouldn’t look good in post. After seeing the final edit, and all the effects added, the results were awesome, and WE WERE ALL HYPED! We freaked out at how epic the whole thing turned out. I guess the effort and patiencepaid off at the end with the help of some movie magic.

K: Any advice for aspiring filmmakers?

S: Go out and create! The best way to learn is to do and learn from your experiences. Also, watch movies. The best homework you can possible get!

A: As the youngest on the ASDO team, what I’ve learned is that you shouldn’t be afraid to put yourself out there. You have to keep shooting, keep testing, and keep trying to learn and improve on your art. It’s a fact that your first film is never going to be perfect, so don’t hold yourself up by being too much of a perfectionist. Post your videos, get feedback, be critical about your work and move on afterwards with the wisdom to produce better. With filming making, as with anything you want to get better at, you have to not be afraid of failure. It’s easy to say, but even I’m still learning to do this. It’s not how big the jump is. What matters is that you keep moving forward one step at a time.