Brand Ambassador Spotlight: Stephanie & Angela

This week we would like to introduce two of our Brand Ambassadors! With the help of their production group, Art School Dropouts, they have created an amazing video featuring Kung Fu Tea.  In Anticipation of the release later this week,  we decided to sit down and have an in-depth interview about the creative process and their experiences with Kung Fu Tea.

Angela Jordan

Angela Jordan

Stephanie Pham

Stephanie Pham

Kung Fu Tea: Tell us a little bit about yourself? Any hobbies or fun facts?

Stephanie: Hi! My name is Stephanie Pham and I am an actress, model, martial artist and YouTuber. Fun Fact: My nickname amongst my YouTube group is ‘Mom’ and not because I have children or anything, but because I am like the mom of the group. Confusing to some, but I think its pretty endearing.

Angela: My name is Angela Jordan, and I “kick butt” for a living. I am a YouTuber and martial artist. Our YouTube channel is Art School Dropouts where we create original videos ranging from action packed comedies to sappy dramas. In our ASDO family, I am known as “Intern” because I first joined the group looking for an internship opportunity I could use my business skills. After a year, I’ve moved up helping organize a lot of the business side and social media of our YouTube channel. While I have graduated from the internship position, my nickname still remains as “Intern.” With our team, I am able to be part of a unique group of individuals and live the “Jackie Chan Action Star” dream I always had as a child.

While I’m not filming, I do teach and train in the martial arts. I started training at 5 years old at Champions Martial Arts studying American Kenpo Karate and have since then explored different styles such as Muay Thai and Wushu. I currently am studying Tang So Doo at Team Torres Martial Arts and Judo at Judomovement, as well as helping out at these schools primarily by teaching children. It’s always a reward to inspire the next generation of martial artists and see how far they can grow.

K: Where did you try Kung Fu Tea for the first time? Any stories with Kung Fu Tea?

S: The first time I tried Kung Fu Tea, I was so overwhelmed with the toppings that were available, I couldn’t decide. I am a pretty indecisive person when it comes to food. I ended up going with whatever my friends got at the time, which was Taro Milk Tea with bubbles. It was pretty bomb and its pretty much the only place I get bubble tea now.

A: I absolutely love bubble tea, but I never knew where the closest bubble teashop was. My friends then told me about Kung Fu Tea and how they were bringing a shop in Cherry Hill, NJ. Once they were open, I was introduced to the delicious world of Kung Fu Tea! With most new things I experience, I freak out with excitement almost like when a 5 year old finds out for the first time they’re going to Disney. I was sold after my first sip of Kung Fu Tea.

K: Why do you want to become a brand ambassador for Kung Fu Tea?

S: I wanted to become brand ambassador for Kung Fu Tea because I do martial arts and love bubble tea! I thought it was a pretty good match.

A: A sweet treat with a martial arts reference sounds like the perfect match for me! I am guilty of having an uncontrollable sweet tooth, making bubble tea irresistible to me. What better way to satisfy my guilty pleasure than to indulge in a drink that uses real “KUNG FU!”  As a martial arts geek, I couldn’t have thought of any other drink. Aside from that, our YouTube group and myself are just Kung Fu Tea fans. We wanted to share our love for Kung Fu Tea by partnering up and hopefully creating fun and unique promo videos that reflect the delicious products. Our creative director can think of sketch for practically everything, and Stephanie and I have the brains and manpower to help bring the ideas to life. We love making videos and we love it evening more when we can make videos for ideas we are crazy about.

K: What’s your go-to Kung Fu Tea beverage? Any drink recommendations to the community?

S: Oooh… That is pretty tough. I have a few but right now; I am really loving the Wintermelon Green Milk Tea with pudding and Mango Slush, especially during those hot summer days.

A: Whenever I’m at Kung Fu Tea, you’ll find me with only 1 of 3 choices: Taro Milk Tea, Milk Green Tea, or Mango Slush. But my absolute go-to would have to be Taro Milk Tea. I’d recommend all three of my go to drinks. Taro and Green Tea are great cold and hot, but if you’re looking for a fruity cooler, definitely try the Mango Slush, and Add bobba to any drink if you want some texture.