Changing Your Tea Game: Mix&Match Teas and Toppings

Do you find yourself going to your Kung Fu Tea ordering the same drink each time? We’re sure your usual order is delicious. However, we also understand if you feel in need of a bit of a shake up. Now let's change your tea game! Here are some fun combinations for you to try. Comment below and let us know your special combo.

  1. Strawberry Lemonade with Aloe Jelly

The color itself speaks for this refreshing drink. It is perfect to cool you off on a hot summer day. A sweet strawberry flavor coupled with chewy aloe jelly makes the perfect match. Haven't tried our Aloe Jelly? It's time to pair this super-food topping with non-milk teas!


      2. Taro Slush with Oreo

Craving a treat? Feeling on the adventurous side? Love Oreos? Sounds like this Taro Slush is your drink! The taro flavor is popular in Asia and has a hint of vanilla taste to it. The Oreo sweetens the slush and adds a fun texture. Some people say it tastes like cookies and cream. Don't believe it? Try it yourself and let us know!


      3. Passion Fruit Green Tea with Nata Jelly

Not into bubbles? That's not a problem with this combination! The passion fruit green tea serves as a light and tasty base for any topping. Add nata jelly as your topping and it comes through with a delicious coconut or pineapple flavor. This combination is not one to miss!

      4. Oolong Milk Tea with Herbal Jelly

Do you always get the Kung Fu Milk tea with bubbles? We need to get you out of your boba comfort zone! This oolong milk tea with herbal jelly could be your perfect way to experiment with other flavors and toppings. The oolong tea is lighter than black tea and the herbal jelly brings coolness to the drink. Make sure to break your boba bubble and try this new combination! 

      5. Mango Slush with Mango Popping Bubbles

The topping you never knew you needed but have always wanted. The popping bubbles bring an unconventional twist to the drink. They're just like the bubbles you’ve always loved, but when you bite into them you get an extra burst of flavor. We are firm believers you can never have too much mango. Stop by and try this tropical delight!