About Kung Fu Tea

Kung Fu, in its purest essence, is the desire for self-improvement and to expand one's capabilities beyond all limitations.

Here at Kung Fu Tea, we share that same desire. We hold the firm belief that it is our mission to continuously improve and expand upon our already stellar brand.

With over a decade of experience, we are the unchallenged experts in the bubble tea business. From the ingredients for our products to the customer service at our stores, we keep a strict and uncompromisingly high standard, setting the bar for our competitors.

It is our dream to introduce the Kung Fu Tea brand to consumers all around the world, as well as creating a more refined bubble tea culture. For this reason, we are looking for business partners who might be interested in joining us. With your help, we hope to expand our market even further. We are thrilled to announce that we will be opening in Canada this year! And more countries to come.

Our corporate headquarters are currently located in New York City. We have business ventures in North America, Australia, and Canada.


Unrivaled quality, utmost attention to detail and unquestionable authenticity, that is the Kung Fu Tea culture.
— Kung Fu Tea Founders (Michael, Ray, Allen, Sean)

Our Kung Fu Story



It was 2009, Michael, Allen and Ray were walking around Flushing, Queens. They had just returned from a trip to Taiwan and were looking for their favorite childhood drink: bubble tea. After some searching, they found a tea place, ordered, and sat down to discuss some of their new business ideas. Meanwhile, they sipped at their teas and immediately put their drinks down.

They were confused, this was not the bubble tea they had come to love in Taiwan. It was a mediocre knockoff at best. As they looked around they saw a long line full of thirsty customers. They looked up at each other, that’s when Michael, Allen and Ray realized that they had just found their new business venture.

We grew up drinking bubble tea, we know what AUTHENTIC flavor is.
— Ray (Co-Founder)


Sean was quite happy with his bubble tea chain in Taiwan when three old friends, Michael, Allen and Ray, called one day. They knew Sean had the talent and taste for making exceptional bubble tea. Hours passed as they tried to get Sean on board with their new idea but Sean wasn’t sure. He was impressed by the group’s passion and the prospect of providing bubble tea in the capital of the world but he had to weigh the risks. 

Days passed, Michael, Allen and Ray jumped on the phone when it finally rang. They were ecstatic to hear Sean’s voice on the other side of the line. The Kung Fu Master was ready to join the team with his “Kung Fu” in making tea.

If we wanted to be successful I couldn’t be afraid of starting again. I had to be FEARLESS!
— Sean (Kung Fu Tea Master)


Kung Fu is about discipline and patience. We took the method to heart and pioneered the use of actual tea leaves in our brewing process. As a team we had to try hundreds of kinds of milk and yogurt with rigorous product testing, and thousands of tea leaves to achieve our great taste. That’s because in Kung Fu, the key to achieving mastery and excellence is time and patience.  After spending a lot of untold hours on finding the best tea leaves and the most natural flavor of milk, we knew that we were ready to open our first store. 

Whether you’re visiting our first store or our hundredth store, a store in New York or a store in Seattle, you’ll find our flavor is always consistent; that is the Kung Fu Tea quality.

In order to provide superb QUALITY we needed to change how bubble tea was made; we needed to innovate, and that required a Kung Fu spirit.
— Michael (Co-Founder)

Kung Fu Masters

We knew that to become a pioneer in this competitive industry will be a path full of challenges. Even when things got difficult giving up was never an option. For us, whether it was limited space, short on cash flow, or troublesome landlords, we pushed through to achieve our goals. Surrounding ourselves with others who believed in the same things and had the same values helped us get by. If any one person felt defeated, the Kung Fu community would be there to motivate them.

We constantly reminded ourselves that anyone could become a Kung Fu Master, as long as they dedicated themselves to their craft, much like we have. They could achieve mastery in their careers, their hobbies, or their life by embodying hard work and sharing our fearless spirit. All they had to do was remember that without struggle there would be no progress.

Like us, our patrons embody our ideals of fresh, innovative, and fearless. Join us in challenging the beverage industry and challenging ourselves to be the best. If you’ve ever wanted a fresh drink or have fresh ideas; if you have ever dreamed of making something, if you have never given up, we are here for you too.

At the end of the day, it is about people. Customers, employees, partners, are all KUNG FU MASTERS because they believe the kung fu spirit. We are a community that looks forward.
— Allen (Co-Founder)